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Our Mission

Short & simple; to share 5% of revenue from our regularly priced services with non-profit local community organizations on a monthly rotating basis. Contact us for enquiry.

Making An Impact

Even though the monetary amount may not be substantial, it is a start to recognize the invaluable services that are rendered by your neighborhood organizations.

Company Culture

We are inclusive and service driven; we are equitable and community minded.

Community Sunrise

Community Organizations

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The Community Association has evolved through a number of organizational stages due to conditions and climate of the time. It came on the scene as the Ukrainian Labor Temple Association (1918 – 1924); followed by the Ukrainian Labour – Farmer Temple Association (1925 – 1946); the Ukrainian Association to Aid the Fatherland (1941 – 1942); the Association of Ukrainian Canadians (1942 – 1946); and finally, the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (1946).


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Spa Team Members

Spa Team Members

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