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We believe that everyone deserves a little Hastings Spa time because we are dedicated to your wellness and rejuvenation.

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You can expect:

  • Courteous guest services
  • Expert reflexologists and masseuses
  • Purpose built spa amenities
  • Co-ed friendly environment
  • Small and large private group accommodations
  • Stress-free spa rates
Hastings Spa

Our Story

In 1926, J.P. Wepsela started the Hastings Bath House establishment, which is now the Hastings Spa located in the up-and-coming Strathcona Village neighborhood near downtown Vancouver, because he wanted to bring a 1,000 years old Finnish spa tradition to Vancouver and the practice is still carried on at the same purpose built venue today. Moving with time, Body Massage and Foot Reflexology were added so you can have more offerings.


A  Spa For All

Over the years the spa was enjoyed by working folks, musicians including KD Lang and Parachute Club and celebrities alike. They came because of its therapeutic property and relaxing heritage atmosphere.


The Great Divide

Interestingly, the majority of our clients through its long history were women because they used the saunas for its skin refining quality. However, the large lower floor or ‘public sauna’ of the spa was sectioned for men use only in the 70’s, and special event booking was required for women only or co-ed. This went on for over four decades but no longer since the owner change in 2016. Well, good riddance, because now everyone in their private group is welcome to enjoy all the updated spa amenities together, anytime!

A New Spa Rises

The Bath House entered a new era in 2019 with spa improvements and the introduction of reflexology foot massage & full body massage because total wellness fulfillment is more than just saunas. Now we are a multi-faceted spa. Our reflexology foot massage center features individual sofa seats and a 4K widescreen theater. We are back to a family oriented and co-ed friendly place to serve the growing recreational needs of the rapidly renewing local communities, and beyond.



We are committed to being environmentally responsible and use best spa guidelines to enhance sustainability.


Company Culture

We support our community through a program we call ‘Community Well’ whereby a portion of revenue is shared with local institutions & organizations that are actively promoting community building and charitable works.


Kymberly KlineKymberly Kline
17:44 27 Mar 22
I received a 90 minute massage and 50 mins in a private sauna for the same price as a 60 min massage other places. The reception hosts were super friendly and accommodated my late arrival graciously. The massuist was also excellent - very thorough and deep massage focused on the areas I asked for.
Amanda BlakelyAmanda Blakely
05:49 28 Feb 22
This place is wonderful, prices are amazing staff are amazing. Massages are excellent and the sauna are great. The whole place is very well organized with great attention to detail.
22:33 16 Feb 22
I had an amazing time here with my girlfriend. Staff were polite and friendly when we arrived! The baths and sauna were clean and well kept. I’d definitely recommend going if you’re looking for a cute date or even a simple relaxation session for yourself and friends.
Amanda MAmanda M
19:49 23 Jan 22
Pure relaxation. Calming and tranquile atmosphere. Warm and friendly staff. Their private cedar saunas upstairs are stunning. Beautiful recent renovations. Facilities are always sparkling clean. #8 is our favourite 🙂
Yulia SokolovaYulia Sokolova
15:52 06 Jan 22
Really great place and even better people working here. Every staff member from massage therapists to reception to cleaning is very friendly and goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Reception staff is always honest about which sauna is hot or more modern which helps so much. Facilities are quite clean and their prices are great given you get a private sauna all to yourself. I mean you essentially rent 3 rooms for 90 minutes for $30 tax in, like what?? They are also flexible with extending your time if you ask them in advance and they have availability. Important things to note: be upfront about what kind of sauna experience you want(hot,dry, steamy,medium?) and they will hook you up, make reservations in advance as this place is integral part of our community and as we all love it they get busy so call in advance, call several times if need be and rememmber these are human beings working just like you and I which means they can get busy and not always get to the phone on time, bring water with you or at least a water bottle(they have a cooler) but other than that they have everything else covered. All of their private saunas come equipped with shampoo, conditioner,body wash, tissues, sheets, bath and face towel, fan, diluted essential oil bottle to add to water, paddle and a bucket. All in all I highly recommend checking them out. Massages here are wonderful, super affordable and I highly recommend Susan.
Max YouMax You
05:42 06 Jan 22
Love this place. Always super clean, very kind staff and I always come out feeling revitalized. Saunas are incredible for your health.
Tara WorthyTara Worthy
06:18 30 Nov 21
Love it. Been a few times and will be back again. Love that my partner and I can book a space together. Very accommodating!
Parth PatilParth Patil
04:17 14 Nov 21
It was my first time going for massage in Vancouver. Came across this place online, first thought it won’t be that good enough but when we entered the place It was whole different experience for me. Rite from registering myself until we enter massage room we where assisted by host. Must go if you want authentic massage from experience people.
Kaileah WertKaileah Wert
23:44 19 Oct 21
Everything about my experience here was amazing; such a wonderful environment to go and relax, get a massage and steam away your aches and pains. Staff are the most delightful people & you definitely cannot go wrong with the prices.Highly recommend!
Laura RadmoreLaura Radmore
01:17 15 Oct 21
Love this place!! Incredible experience for a great price. I love the massage and sauna combo but also a wonderful experience if you’re just using the saunas upstairs. They really keep the place clean and provide all towels you need. Thanks for being my favourite relaxing getaway in the city!
Michelle HainesMichelle Haines
22:20 09 Oct 21
If you’re looking …. Stop looking any further! You deserve this! Our treatment was incredible! We will be back!
Brent NovikoffBrent Novikoff
19:05 08 Oct 21
I fortunately found this place while visiting Vancouver and I went once a week for a month!Classic in all the ways I wanted it to be and freshly renovated and modern in all the ways it should be. The staff were wonderful and Hasting Sauna is possibly the cleanest place I've ever been.If you're visiting Vancouver or lived here your entire life, I'd recommend coming down to Old Vancouver to steam and re-charge like generations for longshoreman before you.
Veena MathewsVeena Mathews
01:41 12 Aug 21
Great place and great price. I will definitely be back. It is well maintained clean and very friendly staff. The frond desk guy/ Owner takes his job seriously and knows how to run the business well.
Jarmo VenalainenJarmo Venalainen
14:54 02 Aug 21
A beautiful blend of everyman's old Finnish Sauna culture entwined with West Coast history and flavor. A real pleasure to be able to share in the joy and relaxation of a sauna with the old time longshoremen, loggers and travelers of yesteryear. Not fancy and never meant to be, but ever so clean and tenderly taken care of.
22:10 27 Jul 21
Went here on a whim and turned out to be a great decision. Had foot, head and shoulder massage. The front desk staff tries to make it comfortable and inviting. Good for those who'd like a bit of strength in massage to get those tight/deep knots.
Katelyn GloverKatelyn Glover
04:36 06 Jun 21
It might take you a while to get through and book over the phone since there’s only one person running the whole place at a time but I assure you that it’s so worth it! Honestly I was a little reluctant to say how amazing it was because I’d selfishly like it to remain a hidden gem. However, this place definitely deserves a stellar review. Super clean and modern and the staff is awesome. Also, if you happen to get Laura for your reflexologist- lucky you! She is incredible.
Gabriel Hillier-lowdenGabriel Hillier-lowden
03:43 13 May 21
I love this place because I love to sauna. Could definitely use some work, some rooms are better than others but the staff are great and no nonsense. A great heritage establishment.
Kart VilsonKart Vilson
11:44 09 Apr 21
This is an excellent place to go and to have a traditional finish sauna and detoxify the body.As a fin I've been using the services of Hastings reflexology and sauna for years the staff are fantastic and the saunas are kept perfectly cleaned and sanitized after every use. So that you can always rest assured you are in a clean and fully sanitized environment.I would strongly recommend this service to any who are interested.
keely woodkeely wood
20:18 05 Apr 21
Love that even though it was renovated in the last few years, the original gas heat registers and wall cladding were kept. The people who worked there were fun and super accommodating.The room we got was perfect! Get into your towel in a private massage room, shower in your private shower and walk into your private wooden sauna. We hung out, laughed and our 90 minutes went by far too quick. I think I have found another place I want to spend my free weeknights
Tammey MartinTammey Martin
06:43 04 Apr 21
This is a little gem in the heart of Vancouver I have been going for many years its one of the oldest steams in BC. Clean and recent reno makes it even better!!! Ask for a reflexology session as well
Cade CranCade Cran
01:43 16 Mar 21
Such a great sauna experience! Never disappointed. Friendliest customer service in all of Vancouver!
23:25 02 Mar 21
This is our go to spot every second weekend for rejuvenation and therapy!!!Always the very best service and the private steam are the best for comfort and privacy and the showers to step out to cool off are all 🤩 AMAZING
Christy SchroederChristy Schroeder
19:51 09 Feb 21
I've never been to such an incredible place. Go to Lee for your reflexology. Strong hands.
01:13 09 Jan 21
Was back after the lockdown with my wife, what a treatment! Excellent staffs and services! We felt so relaxed after months of tense muscles for sitting and working long hours. IMO, best reflexology and massage in Vancouver and GVRD! Thank you to all the staffs for the great services! We’ll be back!
jana wiliamsjana wiliams
00:06 22 Dec 20
December - rainy, cold and windy. Not a better day for a foot massage and steambath! Honestly, this place is terrific - clean, friendly and very well-kept. I'm an older gal who really cares about these types of things in addition to getting warm. Go with a friend the next time hot soup just isn't enough to keep you warm till spring.... I bet you like it as much as I did!!
RodrigoBastias - comRodrigoBastias - com
01:44 18 Dec 20
Friendly customer service. They clean everything after each visit. Super hygienic and clean. Perfect 👌
Stephanie CimbalaStephanie Cimbala
23:19 16 Dec 20
Looking for the ultimate privacy? This Bath House has got IT going on 😊Providing bath towels, face clothes and bench sheets, staff here are pleasant and kind; you will be given a basic tour so your aware of what is provided and how the rooms work before your time starts.Every room is pressure washed, sanitized and made up again before next use.The maximum time is 1.30hrs, 60min sauna, 30min shower dressing & relax.The time seems fair, as we arrived early to fill out forms and got in the room before our time started (sauna was hot & ready to go)Call to make you appointment, the staff will ask your desired temp (we choose 85 & it was more than decent)
Mohammed HariMohammed Hari
05:33 20 Nov 20
We heard good things about this place . We tried it out and were hooked . We have been telling everyone.
Bean AroundBean Around
19:45 20 Oct 20
I was here a long time ago and I have heard that it has improved a lot and has had some very nice renovations.I tired to make an appointment but that’s another storey .The good news is the Owner and is trying to hard to stay on top of things and build a sauna communityI look forward to trying them in the future .
Matthew HMatthew H
03:00 10 Oct 20
I was looking for a sauna for my girlfriend and I to relax after working 11 days in a row, and I saw that Hastings Reflexology and Sauna offers private sauna rooms and that sounded great to me! And when I called Chu was so helpful and answered all my questions which made it really easy to plan for our visit. 5/5 recommend.
Aaron LoganAaron Logan
21:10 09 Oct 20
I went for the first time yesterday after not being able to go to sauna at the local community centre since Covid. Desperate for sauna, I researched and found Hastings Reflexology & Sauna nearby. I was not disappointed. I was greeted by Chu, who was so informative and nice as he took the time to show me everything I needed to know since it was my first time there. This place has been operating as a sauna since the 1920's and carries that kind of charm with it too. It was an amazing time and I look forward to going back regularly...ideally once a week. Totally worth it and money well spent. I'm so happy I found this place!
Jennifer St. ArnaudJennifer St. Arnaud
03:40 26 Sep 20
chu is the man! he is informative and so friendly. Saunas are clean, the optional eucalyptus infused mist is a game changer. Had an amazing time
Rhonda O'SheaRhonda O'Shea
03:43 01 Feb 20
This is the ultimate hidden gem of gems in Vancouver. Private rooms with shower, sauna and relax rooms after with singles beds to chill out and the newly renovated basement with two incredibly amazing reflexologists with prices that are so reasonable you will get addicted and keep going back. The entire experience is unique, a truly 'one-off' place in the lower mainland.
candy lioucandy liou
06:12 13 Jan 20
It was a cold day so it was a perfect for a reflexology, body massage, and sauna session. Before coming, I was very skeptical because I had trouble reaching them by phone even during business hours. When I tried to book an appointment, nobody picked up for two straight business days, and messages were left returned.After I was finally able to get an appointment, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. The place was huge, clean, and modern, completely opposite of what I expected based the booking process.Tina, my masseuse was very skilled and experienced. She helped me relief the pain and the stiffness of my muscles. The spacious, 60-minute sauna a renovated and updated sauna with a 99-year old history. The showers were clean.Cleanliness and service are standouts, but being a new place, I hope it can be maintained. Then I'll definite come back.
Sheilagh PhillipsSheilagh Phillips
01:01 07 Oct 19
Went there today with good friend. We each had an excellent foot reflexology treatment. She had Rocky , I had April. We were very impressed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Then we had a great sauna, clean, nice and hot.Hoi at the front desk very friendly, very helpful. Highly recommend this place. We'll definitely go again.
Cayla NoelCayla Noel
00:52 15 Sep 19
On a whim, I decided to book myself a reflexology session. I had just moved down the street and was delighted to see that there was a sauna just a few blocks from me. The ratings looked great, so I called ahead and booked a 50 min reflexology with sauna after. Arriving, the most was warm and happy! Very high energy and checked me in giving me the lucky number 8 locker band (was a sweet gesture) I was led downstairs where I was shown the sauna facility and the common area for reflexology. The facility was immaculate and had calming music and lighting. While waiting for my reflexologist, I was given infrared to warm up my feet. The reflexology itself was excellent. I warmed my feet up in a tub of warm water and then given an extensive foot and calf rub. I couldn't believe how much time and attention was spent on the muscles and tendons in my feet and calves. The pressure was firm, and there was Lots of time spent on pressure points (which felt amazing). I didn't get to stay for sauna (I came for the foot rub, but the sauna was a bonus) and the host mentioned to me I could go back at a later date to get a half-hour of the sauna on the house. Overjoyed with the experience and am excited to come back!

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