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What is the difference between Steam Sauna and Steam Room (FAQ)?

In steam sauna, you add a ladle or a handful of water to the sauna heater rocks when they are very hot to generate a small amount of steam. This will increase humidity up to 50%. In a steam room, steam is piped into the room regularly to keep the humidity at or near the 100% mark.


What is the temperature range of Saunas vs. Steam Baths?

Saunas produce heat at the 60°C to 90°C range; Steam Baths/Steam Rooms produces heat at the 45°C range.


What is the benefit of Saunas vs. Steam Rooms regarding Covid?

‘It is clear from the literature that SARS-CoV-2 is stable at room temperature (20-30°C). It becomes susceptible to inactivation at higher temperatures (>50°C; Wang et al., 2020). Further, this inactivation is facilitated by longer exposure times and in the presence of chemical disinfectants. One study showed that heating SARS-CoV-2 spiked nasopharyngeal fluids to 56°C for >30 min. completely eliminated the presence of infectious virus (Pastorino et al., 2020). The same study showed that heating at 92°C for 15 min. also completely eliminated the virus.’


What are the recommended heat for the inactivation of SARS-CoV-2?

(Abraham et al., 2020)

3 minutes above 75°C
5 minutes above 65°C
20 minutes above 60°C


How does one book a deluxe sauna room session, a massage session or a sauna combo session (FAQ)?

We accept phone booking during business hours, however, we recommend booking online via the Book Massage or Book Sauna buttons. Online booking can be made up to 1 week in advance and up to 1 hour before an available time slot for fulfillment. Booking requests with less than 1 hour lead time may or may not be fulfilled. You must also fill a corresponding Sauna Use Waiver or a Combo Massage & Sauna Waiver before your appointment. You can accessed them via the green Waiver Form link.


How does group booking work?

For large group, 4 person or more, we recommend phone booking. You can also send us a chat/message through our contact page and we will call you back. If booking online, each person must book the session for themselves with a note added to include all the names in the share group. Each person must also submit their own corresponding waiver forms. For all bookings, please first submit the required waiver forms so that your names and information can be entered into our booking system.


How many people can share a premium sauna room?

Two of our premium sauna rooms are for 1 to 2 persons only, and four other premium sauna rooms (with dual change rooms) can accommodate up to 4 persons.


What is the difference between gas-fired and electric-heated saunas?

Gas-fired saunas have a more radiant wetter-heat steam. Electric heated saunas have a more direct and consistent heat with a drier, less humid steam coming off the sauna rocks.


Where did Sauna start?

Saunas have a long history that started in Finland, and comes in two (2) types: dry heat or wet heat. Saunas are not limited to just Finnish culture; in ancient times, Romans, Russians, Aztecs, and Mayans all had their equivalent to the sauna, or heated bath house. The Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese also had their own version of the sauna as well as the Native American Indians of North America who had sweat lodges. The Arab world had Turkish baths called hammams and a good portion of the population visited them weekly. Poorer individuals may depend on public baths, but hammams were valued by all social classes because of its deep cleansing and exfoliation health benefits.


How does credit card online booking work?

Credit card info for Square Online Payment Processing is only for holding a booking and to authorize a charge for no show or late cancellation.

Cardholder must subsequently check the check box in the square’s attached payment and policies section to save card on file for future purchases and advise us by message to charge the session total as pre-payment if they want to pre-pay before their appointment arrival.
Over the phone credit card info and payment not accepted. 


What time is last call / last check-in?

9:00 PM is the last call & last check-in time.




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