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Spa services with a holistic approach fusing European and Oriental techniques and traditions; we call it The Art of Health because healthy living and the enjoyment of life is an art form, no less. Our facility spans 6000 square feet with a dedicated spa level exclusive for foot and body massage.

Spa Services 1-2-3

We recommend having a body massage first, followed by reflexology and then sauna at the end because this allows the release of toxin more thoroughly in the sauna session, and improves the healing and restorative qualities of the massages.

In addition, using our Spa Combo package sauna with Hybrid Infrared heating system after a massage helps to speed up the healing process even more! Inflammation subsides quicker and toxins are expelled from the body more effectively before they can re-settle. Just remember to hydrate all through this deep cleansing process.

It is also better to have sauna after intensive massages that cause the muscles to stiffen or contract. For example, foot reflexology massages can tense the body so using the sauna after those workouts or massage sessions can be very useful to help loosen the muscles and will offer accelerated relaxation. Usually, the people who use massage sessions for pain relief in muscles or are currently recovering from a physical injuries, can take advantage of the sauna after the massage session as it helps the body relax more quickly. Again, with added Hybrid Infrared heating the therapeutic effects are amplified.


Alternately, instead of the more detoxing method mentioned, you may opt for a more relaxed experience with using the sauna first before the massage. Both are good and both do relax and detox. Another reason to use sauna after massage is because our saunas are scheduled for cleaning after each complete combo use session. When client opts to have sauna first, there needs to be an extra 15 minutes cool down time for the body before a massage can be applied. This option can only be specially organized at the noon, 12:00, session of each day and will incur an additional charge of $20.


Body Massage – spa services

Why not treat yourself with a body massage to loosen up tight muscles and relieve stress tensions? Our Spa Services recommend body massage treatments regularly to improve your quality of life. You can enjoy more because your body and mind are relaxed.

Our practitioners use a mix of Acupressure, Deep Tissue, and Swedish massage techniques to rebalance your body. The fusion technique will give you a more tailored massage for your specific needs. It is one of the most popular spa services request.

Spa Services Body Massage
Spa Services Foot Massage


Reflexology is a system of foot massage used to relieve tension and treat illness. The theory is that there are reflex points on the feet linked to every part of the body, and can ease pain when stimulated which triggers a healing response. Reflexology also promotes good health and for preventing illness because it optimizes the body’s functions. 

New Hybrid Saunas – spa services

Whether it is High Heat or Steam Saunas, you can now enjoy the extra benefits of added Infrared Heating treatment with a Spa Combo package. The low frequency infrared emitted by the far infrared panels will penetrate into your body to warm and heal you from the inside in a process called vasodilation where your blood vessels are widened to improve blood circulation. Combined with our traditional saunas it’s a win-win combination.

Spa Services Sauna
Spa Services Steam Sauna

Steam Sauna

It uses gas power to produce a more humid heat at the 140°F to 170°F (60°C to 76.7°C) range. A small amount of steam is generated by adding a small ladle or a handful of water to the rocks when they are very hot to increase the humidity up to 50%. Because of the higher humidity, a steam sauna feels hotter than a high heat sauna. It is one of the top spa services feature.

High Heat Sauna

The temperature in a high heat sauna can range from 160°F to 195°F (71.1°C to 90.6°C). Our spa is well known for operating at the highest range in Vancouver, and that is why we call our dry sauna the High Heat Sauna. We believe in a proper sauna experience because it is a built in tradition since 1926.

Spa Services Sauna

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