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Skiing Foot Massage

Special Reflexology 50

$22 off Foot Massage 50 mins = $50
Code: SR2024     Valid to Feb. 29

Skiing Body Massage

Special Body Massage 50

$22 off Body Massage 50 mins = $55
Code: SM2024     Valid to Feb. 29

Skiing Body Massage 50 + Sauna

Detox Special Body Massage 50 + Sauna Session 50

$61 off Combo Body Massage 50 + Sauna Session 50 = $68
Code: SM2024    Valid to Feb. 29

New : Best full body massage & HYBRID Sauna! – A Hastings Spa Innovation – Integrating Infrared With Our Traditional Saunas – Offered On Spa Combo Massage Packages!

best body massage





A Vancouver Favorite!

Best Body Massage, Reflexology & Sauna Spa package value. Customize your wellness experience with a Hastings Spa package. Rest assured that you will be enjoying the best services from our friendly and professional staff.

Body Massage & Steam Sauna

Start with a float away fusion massage, followed by relaxing reflexology, and then detox with a steam, high heat or our new Hybrid sauna with infrared; comfort and joy!

Best Body Massage

A Time To Heal

Spa Specials

Best Body Massage

Vancouver’s wellness solution for sports teams, tour groups, private and corporate parties.

Best Reflexology

Our expert masseuses use a fusion of Swedish, Acupressure and Deep Tissue techniques to enhance your body massage experience.

Best Spa Package

Hastings Spa is a family oriented and co-ed friendly facility continuing a Vancouver service tradition started in 1926.

Best foot massage

Enjoy the best reflexology massage in our VIP lounge complete with individual sofa and wide screen entertainment.

Best sauna

We have 3 electric and 3 gas heated basic saunas, along with 2 spa package access steam saunas. All saunas are private.

Live A Little

Best body massage & More

Treat Yourself

No matter how hard you work, the work never ends…so, why not take a well deserved break from the daily hustle and bustle. Now is always a good time. A little R & R does wonder to restore the body and soul, and we offer unmatched value for our body massage, reflexology and sauna services. So, do yourself a favor – live a little and save a lot at the Hastings Spa.


What They Say

“A historical gem! Private steam and sauna rooms upstairs that include a private dressing/cooldown room with 2 slim benches to lay down and a fan as well as a private shower. Has been slowly renovated over the last few years and is an interesting mash up of old and new. Service is always friendly and helpful, especially if it’s your first visit. Downstairs is a large shared sauna that can be rented for private functions”


“This is honestly my favorite place for private sauna rentals. The upstairs has clean and refurbished sauna rooms which I love. Chu is amazing and the best staff member ever!”

Shea Riley

“Great place for those wanting some quiet time for two. Staff are quite amicable and friendly when first entering the establishment. Prices are reasonable and economical. You’re given a private room with two massage tables on either side and that room leads to a huge shower which in turn leads to a sauna. For the price of two, you’re given an hour and a half to spend with your significant other. Cheap, clean, and very relaxing.”

Jason Wunsch

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day

Hastings Spa

766 E. Hastings St, Vancouver

Hastings Spa

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A Vancouver favorite!