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766 East hastings street

vancouver, bc v6a 1r5

Hastings Spa

Reflexology Sauna Body Massage

A Vancouver favorite!

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Booking a premium sauna session, a massage session or a sauna combo  (FAQ)?

We accept phone booking during business hours, however, we recommend booking online via the Book Massage or Book Sauna buttons because there is no wait time. Online booking can be made up to 1 week in advance and up to 1 hour before an available time slot for fulfillment. Booking requests with less than 1 hour lead time may or may not be fulfilled. You must also fill a corresponding Sauna Use Waiver or a Combo Massage & Sauna Waiver before your appointment. You can accessed them via the green Waiver Form link.


Group booking

For large group, 4 person or more, phone booking is better for coordination. You can also send us a chat/message through our contact page and we will call you back. When booking online, each person must book the session for themselves with a note added to include all the names in the share group. Each person must also submit their own corresponding waiver forms. For all bookings, please first submit the required waiver forms because we need to enter your names and information into our booking system.


How many people can share a premium sauna room?

Two of our premium sauna rooms are for 1 to 2 persons only, and four other premium sauna rooms (with dual change rooms) can accommodate up to 4 persons.


What is the difference between gas-fired and electric-heated saunas?

Gas-fired saunas have a more radiant wetter-heat steam. Electric heated saunas have a more direct and consistent heat with a drier, less humid steam coming off the sauna rocks.


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