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Spa Amenities

Hastings Spa was originally a sauna specific structure spanning almost 6000 square feet over two levels.  J.P. Wepsela built it in 1926 when he decided to bring the Finnish tradition to the old downtown Vancouver area. It now includes spa amenities for body massage and reflexology along with the traditional saunas.

You can experience more comforts in our updated facility. Our basic private saunas on the main floor have five cedar and tile rooms divided into 1 single room and 2 two room tandems each with a high heat and a steam sauna. Each set of rooms has a dedicated shower and dressing room. The rooms, including their dressing rooms and showers, range from 170 to 270 square feet total and accommodate up to 4 persons at a time.


VIP Spa Amenities

The lower level facility boasts a spacious area of over 2000 square feet, housing cast-brick, gas-fire heated saunas, body massage rooms and a reflexology lounge with individual sofa seats fronted by a wide projector screen. It is perfect for group gatherings, sports teams, health groups, birthdays and private parties because we can accommodate small to large groups. The area is exclusive to Spa Package patrons when there is no special event bookings.

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What They Say

“A historical gem! Private steam and sauna rooms upstairs that include a private dressing/cooldown room with 2 slim benches to lay down and a fan as well as a private shower. Has been slowly renovated over the last few years and is an interesting mash up of old and new. Service is always friendly and helpful, especially if it’s your first visit. Downstairs is a large shared sauna that can be rented for private functions”


“This is honestly my favorite place for private sauna rentals. The upstairs has clean and refurbished sauna rooms which I love. Chu is amazing and the best staff member ever!”

Shea Riley

“Great place for those wanting some quiet time for two. Staff are quite amicable and friendly when first entering the establishment. Prices are reasonable and economical. You’re given a private room with two massage tables on either side and that room leads to a huge shower which in turn leads to a sauna. For the price of two, you’re given an hour and a half to spend with your significant other. Cheap, clean, and very relaxing.”

Jason Wunsch

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