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Which one is the best full body massage? Which one is right for you? We make it simple because we use a fusion technique of Acupressure, Deep Tissue & Swedish massages so it targets your body’s different needs more closely. As a result, you will experience a more customized massage to ease body and mind and relieve your stress tension.

Body Massage Acupressure Deep Tissue Swedish


Acupressure massage is an ancient Chinese traditional medicine remedy to relieve pain in specific areas of the body, and is often prescribed to people who prefer a natural form of pain relief instead of using medication. It works because it uses the same principle as Chinese acupuncture.

The focus is preventive maintenance, and using the same techniques to treat malady with pressure point massages. There are two types of acupressure points:

1) A local point: This is a point of the body near the pain you are experiencing and therefore, local.
2) A trigger point: This is a non-local point where acupressure is applied to remove pain in a local pain area.

When massaging a trigger point, the benefit circulates through a human electrical channel called a meridian to the area in pain. This is because meridians are distinct channels that connect acupressure points to each other and to the internal organs, circulating electrical energy through the body. This is why the practitioner may massage areas that are not near your areas of pain.

The practitioner will use their thumb, knuckle or a finger to apply a firm but gentle pressure to both local and trigger acupoints on certain parts of the body. This pressure lasts from thirty seconds up to two minutes, after which it is slowly eased off and this operation may be repeated three to five times. 

Deep Tissue

This massage offers both physical and mental benefits. It is different from other massages that focus on relaxation because it focuses on treating muscle pain and stiffness. The result is that you get to unwind mentally too. 

Deep tissue massage is derived from Swedish massage, (see Swedish Massage below for comparison) and uses a ‘deeper’ reaching technique to treat muscle strains and sports pains. It entails using sustained pressure on long, deep strokes to massage the core layers of the muscles and tendons. This promotes faster healing of scar tissue from an injury, and as a result reduces muscle tension by increasing blood flow to ease in flammation. It helps with:

Deep tissue Injuries
Plantar Fasciitis
High Blood Pressure
Tennis Elbow



Swedish massage is a very popular technique and forms many basis of deep tissue massage. Both have some similarities but differ by the pressure applied and the areas of use. They each have their own focus and goal. For instance, Swedish massage is good for relaxation while Deep Tissue is good for rehab.

Swedish massage is great for relaxation because it gently releases muscle tension. It uses a mix of kneading and long round strokes with soft joint movements on the whole body. It works on a more shallow layer than deep tissue massage and is perfect for tension relief on the neck, shoulders and lower back from low intensity strains such as prolonged computer use.

Body Massage

Why not treat yourself with the best full body massage which has everything; Acupressure Deep Tissue & Swedish! We recommend body massage treatments regularly to improve your quality of life. You can enjoy more when you and your body are not in pain or discomfort. Couple that with a reflexology foot massage and sauna of your choice, you will feel whole again!

Tui Na

We will be adding more to our spa services soon; stay tuned!

Staff Appreciation

Hastings Spa likes to acknowledge the great value our masseuses provide working as unregistered massage therapists. Though comparably proficient in almost all aspects of the craft, they garner only a fraction of the registered rates. That, in turn, lets Hastings Spa pass on the savings to our valued patrons. So, if you have received a great foot massage or full body massage, it will be very kind if gratuities are rewarded in accordance. We thank you for your patronage and look forward to serving you again.

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