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Summer Foot Massage

Special Reflexology 50

$22 off Foot Massage 50 mins = $50
Code: HSUSP    Valid to Sept 21

Summer Body Massage

Special Body Massage 50

$22 off Body Massage 50 mins = $55
Code: HSUSP    Valid to Sept 21

Summer Body Massage 50 + Sauna

Detox Special Body Massage 50 + Sauna Session 50

$61 off Combo Body Massage 50 + Sauna Session 50 = $68
Code: HSUSP    Valid to Sept 21

best body massage





A Vancouver Favorite!

Best Body Massage, Reflexology & Sauna Spa package value. Customize your wellness experience with a Hastings Spa package. Rest assured that you will be enjoying the best services from our friendly and professional staff.

Body Massage & Steam Sauna

Start with a float away fusion massage, followed by relaxing reflexology, and then detox with a steam, high heat or our new Hybrid sauna with infrared; comfort and joy!

Best Body Massage

A Time To Heal

Spa Specials

Best Body Massage

Vancouver’s wellness solution for sports teams, tour groups, private and corporate parties.

Best Reflexology

Our expert masseuses use a fusion of Swedish, Acupressure and Deep Tissue techniques to enhance your body massage experience.

Best Spa Package

Hastings Spa is a family oriented and co-ed friendly facility continuing a Vancouver service tradition started in 1926.

Best foot massage

Enjoy the best reflexology massage in our VIP lounge complete with individual sofa and wide screen entertainment.

Best sauna

We have 3 electric and 3 gas heated basic saunas, along with 2 spa package access steam saunas. All saunas are private.

Live A Little

Best body massage & More

Treat Yourself

No matter how hard you work, the work never ends…so, why not take a well deserved break from the daily hustle and bustle. Now is always a good time. A little R & R does wonder to restore the body and soul, and we offer unmatched value for our body massage, reflexology and sauna services. So, do yourself a favor – live a little and save a lot at the Hastings Spa.


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Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day

Hastings Spa

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Hastings Spa

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A Vancouver favorite!